Strengthen your cybersecurity outlook to becoming resilient

Create a simplified holistic security for the modern enterprise and effectively identify, protect and prevent your data from risk of cybersecurity at the front door.

Your environment, the volume and sophistication of attacks you face and your overall appetite for risk are unique to you. Simplify the inherent complexity within security ensuring that you find, implement the right security solutions for you.

Jurix Digital

Through Jurix Digital portfolio of Enterprise Security services, your organisation gains access to professional practitioners enabled by expertise and driven by experience. We can help your organisation visualise and match your business requirements to the risks and provide increased visibility and rapid detection of end to end cyber threats. Our experts can help you simplify the inherent complexity within security ensuring that you find, implement the right security solutions for you.

Using our end-to-end services, we can accelerate your cybersecurity growth through every phase of your cyber transformation — regardless of your team’s level of cybersecurity knowledge, skill and maturity. We support your team adopt the technology and improve cybersecurity at the front door.  

We offer cybersecurity customised to individual business contexts and act as a partner in your cyber-transformation journey.

Advocators of your journey to the cloud

  • Portfolio of services and partners offering access to the most relevant and advanced security solutions

  • Expertly trained in exploration of your risks, use cases and architecture to improve your organisation’s current security posture

  • Supportive consultants to help you learn and adopt technology with ease

  • Realistic managed security advisors in assessing risk of threats and vulnerabilities. Providing quantified recommendations and remediation based on outcomes


Ascertain your identified risks, use cases and under pinning architecture to allow us to understand your organisation’s current security posture and business requirements. We will then collaboratively develop a desired future state and discover possible technology and solutions options that would suit your requirements. 


A proactive approach to helping you to learn to safe guard your data, help remove threats and vulnerabilities, and protect other cloud, legacy and industrial systems. Remediating any issues, closing the vulnerabilities and mitigating your risk with our professional security services team.  


A thorough threat and risk assessment of identified threats and vulnerabilities within your environment, comparing the solutions provided and recommend a rollout and adoption plan based on the outcomes and your timescales.


A hands-on and approachable environment to help you learn to monitor and safe guard your data without third party intervention. Support your security professionals on how to use the technology, prevent threats and vulnerabilities based on what we’ve learned and effectively monitor as you mature. Preventing any issues, closing the vulnerabilities and mitigating ongoing risk with our professional security services team.  

Just some of the clients we have helped adopt cloud services today


As a the UK’s first Microsoft and Google consultancy in the IT and Legal Technology space, Jurix Digital's consultants have helped more than 500,000 users collectively in the Telecommunications, Logistic and Transport, Finance, Public Sector, Insurance and Professional Services to achieve their business goals with technology. Speak to one our team about our case studies and how we can help you too.

Our Key Partners


Analytics & AI

Make intelligent decisions with statistical data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Help curb social challenges, automate contract review, improve consumer protection, privacy and product liability and combat practice frequently asked questions with bots. 


Discover and investigate data easily within in legal proceedings i.e. litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests. Our expertise, combined with leading-edge technology, allows us to identify and manage data throughout the litigation life cycle.


Run your business like a business focusing on competencies, service delivery, legal efficency, Vendor Management or build consistent and scalable models that aligns to your business model.

Digital Transformation

Accelerate IT transformation for high-performance response and engagement, and consistency of experience to support each digital interaction. Our extensive footprint in change management enables customers to reach the market faster and to embrace multi and hybrid cloud strategies, changing architecture needs, flexible and secure connectivity platforms and user demands.

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