Make intelligent recommendations based on insight and statistical evidence

Our digital insights combines an in-depth business intelligence dashboard with your specific business KPI’s to make sense of readily available data sources, providing critical insight into how your platform is being used.

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Organisations recognise that data and analytics has the potential to increase efficiency, decision making and forecast patterns and trends. Whereas, Artificial Intelligence can predict epidemics, automate data and workloads, promote inclusiveness and diversity and curb social challenges. All of which, giving rise to delivering a competitive edge especially in areas as business operations, contract review and knowledge sharing.

We combine digital, cloud and enterprise knowledge and capabilities to articulate a pragmatic roadmap for success and gain maximum return on your investment. We understand your business needs, objectives, and provide focus on your data using the latest cloud technology. 

Advocators of your journey to the cloud

  • Innovative professionals with providing critical insight into how your platform can be used

  • Creative leaders in building intelligent dashboards with your specific business KPI’s in mind

  • Supportive consultants to help you adopt technology and make sense of available data sources, connectors and other integrators

  • Strategic advisors in delivering personaised experiences and highly immersive and performance improvements


Ingest data from a variety of sources and systems to data lakes and data staging areas. Apply integration and transformation processes to prepare your organisation's data for live reporting and analysis.

Data Analytics

Advance your data capability with analytics platforms, data mining, data visualisation and predictive modelling techniques to discover hidden trends and patterns to make better decisions – providing the right people with the right information at the right time and to the right device for each user.

With support of Qlik4Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Azure and Power BI to integrate and manage your analytics estate.


Develop a winning vision and operational business strategy through roadmaps, stakeholder management and profiling, capability improvement and implementation planning and execution. Gain guidance on the alignment of data strategy with business objectives, financial management and service design with advice on a Operations Strategy.


Harness the power of Artifical Intelligence in providing a highly immersive and personalised experiences whilst simplifying customer journeys and boosting sales with automation BOTs, facial, text and speech recgonition, app extensibility and data automation. 

Just some of the clients we have helped adopt cloud services today


As a the UK’s first Microsoft and Google consultancy in the IT and Legal Technology space, Jurix Digital's consultants have helped more than 500,000 users collectively in the Telecommunications, Logistic and Transport, Finance, Public Sector, Insurance and Professional Services to achieve their business goals with technology. Speak to one our team about our case studies and how we can help you too.

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Jurix Digital Insights

Digital Transformation

Accelerate IT transformation for high-performance response and engagement, and consistency of experience to support each digital interaction. Our extensive footprint in change management enables customers to reach the market faster and to embrace multi and hybrid cloud strategies, changing architecture needs, flexible and secure connectivity platforms and user demands.


Discover and investigate data easily within in legal proceedings i.e. litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests. Our expertise, combined with leading-edge technology, allows us to identify and manage data throughout the litigation life cycle.


Run your business like a business focusing on competencies, service delivery, legal efficency, Vendor Management or build consistent and scalable models that aligns to your business model.

Security & Compliance

In a cloud-first world, organisations need to be able to manage critical data efficiently and enforce user access across multiple channels. Jurix Digital serves support for integrated security and identity management to enable access to corporate assets and documents in a consistent manner across devices and systems, regardless of when and where the user is working.

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